MiniProf BT Wheel is a high precision, lightweight and portable tool for performing fast and reliable cross-sectional wheel profile measurements to monitor and analyze the wear of wheels. It is equipped with Bluetooth, has an option for cable connection and comes in few variations depending on the type of wheel. Magnetically attached to the backside of the wheel, the wheel profile is measured in less than 5 seconds and a complete railroad car in less than five minutes.

Get instant results

Wear parameters such as Sd, Sh and qR values are displayed instantly after each measurement in real time view. Numerous additional calculations and alignments are included in the powerful Envision software for basic to advanced data handling, analyzing and reporting

Wheel analysis & calculations

The MiniProf Envision software visualizes and calculates residuals and areas automatically.

Measurements can be compared in multiple ways and are easily exported to various formats.


The MiniProf BT Wheel system is ideal to use before and after reprofiling of the wheels to determine when to reprofile and how much material to take off during the reprofiling process. This leads to precise reprofiling and improved lifetime of the rolling stock due to the unmatched high accuracy of the MiniProf system.

Fast measuring with schemes

When measuring multiple profiles, the MiniProf BT measuring scheme is a very strong tool for clear identification of each profile in advance and for simplifying and reducing the measuring process even further.

For tramway vehicles

MiniProf BT Lightrail Wheel is specially designed for use on all tramway vehicles, but can also be used on standard wheels without diameter readings. It has a small 100 mm backplate, which makes it very compact and suitable for mounting on wheels where only limited space is available.

For improved diameter measuring

MiniProf BT Wheel 400 is our best option for profile and diameter readings in one single measurement. It is equipped with a wide 400 mm backplate which improves the diameter readings significantly and is three times less sensitive to the state of the wheel and the measuring process.

The diameter is based on the commonly used Versine measuring principle and an assumption of an ideal wheel without local deformations.


Product ID​MP-160MP-162MP-164
Profile accuracyBetter than: ± 9 µm
Repeatability: ± 2.5 µm
Better than: ± 9 µm
Repeatability: ± 2.5 µm
Better than: ± 9 µm
Repeatability: ± 2.5 µm
Diameter accuracy *--800 mm wheel: 30 µm
1000 mm wheel: 50 µm
1200 mm wheel: 80 µm
Measuring speedLess than 5 secondsLess than 5 secondsLess than 5 seconds
Weight0.7 kg1.1 kg1.4 kg
Battery life~ 1000 measurements
or 10 hours of work
~ 1000 measurements
or 10 hours of work
~ 1000 measurements
or 10 hours of work
Operating temperature-15˚C to +50˚C-15˚C to +50˚C-15˚C to +50˚C

* According to the Versine measuring principle.

Scope of delivery

A MiniProf Wheel system is delivered with access to the MiniProf Criterion app for Android, the full Envision software package, BT and cable connection, video tutorial guides, software support and a customized and lightweight, rugged transport case with room for the measuring system and accessories for safe storage and transportation.