Easy data collection in the field

MiniProf Criterion is the Android app for performing profile measurements with a wireless MiniProf BT instrument. The app is available free of charge in the Google Play store and currently supports profile measuring with the MiniProf single head instruments for wheel, rail and brake measurements. In addition to profile measuring Criterion features selected calculations and alignments from the complete Envision software.

Intuitive user interface

MiniProf Criterion is designed for use on smartphones and provides an intuitive measuring process, which works just like MiniProf Envision. The app supports numerous languages for a personalized user experience.

Measuring schemes

Measurement schemes enables easy data collection of user-defined pattern of measuring locations. This results in efficient and reliable measurements. In addition, GPS location and photos can be attached to the individual measurement.

Instant results and limits

Instant results are shown upon completion of a measurement, along with optional alarms using limits configured with the selected reference profile. Profiles and result values from measurements can be viewed later on the device and can be easily transferred to MiniProf Envision for detailed analysis.

Download the MiniProf BT brochure​

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