The full contact measuring principle

The magnetic, knife-shaped measuring wheel has full contact to the measured profile during the entire measuring process and ensures that the actual profile is being measured. Combined with rotating high-resolution optical encoders, 30.000 individual collected points in one single measurement and an accuracy range from 9-11 µm, a full contact MiniProf measurement is 10 times more accurate than similar non-contact laser-based measuring systems on the market and reflects the true state of the measured profile.

Full contact vs. non-contact

Contrary to a full contact measurement, similar non-contact laser-based handheld measurements are made without actual contact to the measured profile. This demands an extremely high level of profile attendance prior to measuring as the laser does not distinguish between the profile and any layers of dirt, oil, grease etc. If the profile is not cleaned thoroughly, a laser-based measurement will reflect the profile surface plus any unremoved layers. Obviously, if the collected data does not reflect the actual profile, it can have critical consequences for following decisions in maintenance, safety and budgets. Do you trust your measurement?

What do you measure? The actual profile or the accumulated surface?

Full contact
Measures the true profile with highest accuracy
Cuts through surface contaminants
Not sensitive to light and reflective surfaces
Human tactile sensing and real-time feedback
Makes a scanned picture of the surface
Does not distinguish between dirt and profile
Sensitive to light and reflective surfaces
No tactile or visual feeling with the profile

No sensitivity to reflecting light

A MiniProf system is suitable for use in any working environment as the full contact measuring principle is not challenged by environmental factors.

In contrast, the non-contact measuring principle can be severely challenged by reflective surfaces from the sun, white frost, rain drops, dew on the rails etc. Even reflections from newly turned wheels or rails can disrupt a non-contact measurement.

The environmental sensitivity should therefore be considered carefully when working with laser-based equipment, especially in specific geographical areas dominated by sun, rain or snow and in manufacturing and reprofiling facilities.

Never underestimate the importance of a full contact measurement!

Environmental factors

A full-contact MiniProf system can be used in most types of environments. A non-contact (laser) measuring system can be severely challenged by below interference factors.



Reflecting light



Shiny wheels


White frost

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