MiniProf BT systems are delivered with the MiniProf Envision software package for measurement, advanced analysis and reporting. The software package also includes access to the MiniProf Criterion app for Android™ providing easy data collection in the field. The MiniProf software package includes a large array of calculations and a wide range of functionality for working with measurements. It presents an unmatched tool for accurate and informative data analysis in the railway industry.

MiniProf BT is supplied with an extensive software package usable for all variations of MiniProf BT instruments. It is highly flexible, customizable to individual customer requirements and can be used to perform measurements, in-depth post measurement analysis and reporting. The software package includes functions for batch processing, evaluation, trending and a lot of other analyzing possibilities.

MiniProf Criterion is an app designed to run on modern Android based smartphones. The software is fully compatible with standard MiniProf BT Wheel, Rail and Brake instruments and provides easy installation and setup for data collection in the field and in workshops.

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