MiniProf BT Brake is a high precision, lightweight and portable tool for performing fast and reliable cross-sectional brake profile measurements to monitor and analyze the wear of brakes. It is equipped with Bluetooth, has an option for cable connection and comes in few variations depending on the type of brake. Magnetically attached to the wheel or axle, the brake profile is measured in less than 5 seconds.

Brake analysis & calculations

MiniProf BT Brake provides instant calculations of the brake hollowing and brake thickness. The MiniProf Envision software can visualize and calculate residuals and areas automatically. Measurements can be compared in multiple ways and are easily exported to various formats.

Wheel or axle mounted

The wheel mounted MiniProf BT Brake is attached magnetically to the vertical part of the wheel on the backside of the flange or on the outer side of the rim. This part of the wheel is used as a reference for the measurement.

The axle mounted MiniProf BT Brake is mounted on the outer diameter of the brake disc and attached by using magnetic rollers. These also align with the wear marker on the disc which act as reference points for the measurement.


Wheel mounted

Axle mounted
Product ID​MP-360MP-362
Profile accuracyBetter than: ± 11 µm
Repeatability: ± 2.5 µm
Better than: ± 11 µm
Repeatability: ± 2.5 µm
Measuring speedLess than 5 secondsLess than 5 seconds
Weight0.9 kg1.2 kg
Battery life~ 1000 measurements
or 10 hours of work
~ 1000 measurements
or 10 hours of work
Operating temperature-15˚C to +50˚C-15˚C to +50˚C

Scope of delivery

A MiniProf Brake system is delivered with access to the MiniProf Criterion app for Android, the full Envision software package, BT and cable connection, video tutorial guides, software support and a customized and lightweight, rugged transport case with room for the measuring system and accessories for safe storage and transportation.