Complete data analysis toolbox

MiniProf BT is supplied with the powerful MiniProf Envision software package usable for all types of MiniProf BT instruments. The application is highly flexible and can match individual user requirements. It has a wide range of functionality from performing single measurements to advanced in-depth post measurement analysis. In addition, MiniProf Envision is backwards compatible with MiniProf Classic and measurements ranging back 20+ years.

The software package provides measurement schemes, evaluation module, batch processing, trending and configuration capabilities in numerous languages. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows on desktop and tablet devices and includes video tutorial guides, 50+ calculations, free software updates and full software support.

User-friendly design

From installation to reporting, the modern and user-friendly MiniProf Envision software package is intuitive to use. Features are designed to provide the user with a complete experience and a simplified learning curve.

Measuring scheme

MiniProf Envision features a measuring scheme system to perform large sequences of wheel, rail and brake profile measurements efficiently. The scheme builder enables the user to make customized predefined solutions suited to their requirements. Measurement schemes ensures that information is correct and consistent. Furthermore, the measurement system allows GPS location and photographs to be attached when applicable.

Examine trends

Graphical representation of wear trends can be shown and overlaid an estimated trend line. The estimate can be compared with predefined limits to assist in future planning of maintenance of rolling stock or track.

Grinding overlays

The MiniProf Envision software can visualize and calculate residuals and areas automatically and provides a functionality which is often used for rail grinding analysis. This is both available during the measurement and later as an analysis tool.

Printing & reporting

The software includes an advanced printing system, that generates reports for every user through customizable templates. These reports can be printed on paper or stored digitally as PDF or WMF for future reference. Summarized results can also be exported directly to Microsoft Excel or in text format.

Evaluation module

The Evaluation module is probably the most powerful tool in the MiniProf Envision software package, as it brings all major functionalities together to transform your data into valuable information.

  • Import measurements from all MiniProf instruments
  • Backwards compatible with all MiniProf generations
  • Filter measurements based on any recorded information
  • Overview of wear parameters with live alarm information
  • Graphical overview of results to highlight areas of special interest
  • Open data to view details on the original profiles and perform trending
  • Edit meta data to correct mistakes and unify displayed information
  • Recalculate results in case of changes to settings
  • Extract data and results for third-party applications

Contacts module

Wheel/rail interaction is vital for railway safety and comfort. The Contacts module adds functions for calculating equivalent conicity on MiniProf TwinHead measurements.

  • Implemented in accordance with international standards
  • Shows graphs for equivalent conicity, contacts points, tangent angles and rolling-radius difference
  • Comes with a construct function which allows creation of TwinHead reference profiles
  • Includes automated batch processing of TwinHead measurement data