Specialized measuring equipment for outstanding condition surveys in the global road and railway industry.​


Traffic Speed Deflectometer,
Profiler and LaserProf

Continuous pavement measurements for remarkable detailed overview of bearing capacity plus other synchronized structural and functional road condition data.


Full contact cross-sectional profile measurements of railway tracks, wheels, brakes and switches for instant, reliable and high-accuracy results and analysis.

Highly specialized measuring equipment

Since 1992, Greenwood Engineering A/S, has developed and supplied innovative and highly specialized measuring equipment for optimum asset management and maintenance planning of infrastructure within the global road and railway industry.

The wide product range spreads from the small, handheld and lightweight MiniProf units for monitoring and analyzing the cross-sectional profile of train wheels, rails and brakes, to the truck size Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) for both network level and project level bearing capacity measurement on roads while driving at normal traffic speed.

At the forefront of technology

Our products are operated with minimum disturbance to environment and traffic and with the highest user safety and comfort in focus. The solutions provide outstanding measuring results and constitute an extremely reliable foundation for making critical and economic decisions in maintenance, quality and safety departments all over the world.

Much has happened since the first projects were launched in 1992, but one thing remains unchanged: Still, the basic premise for all marketed products is to be at the leading edge of frontier technology, combined with the hard work and dedication of all Greenwood associates, an innovative company spirit and a close relation to our customers.