Who can benefit from the MiniProf BT system?

Due to the secure full contact measuring principle, the extreme high accuracy and the vast Envision analysis software a MiniProf measurement serves as an optimum and secure base for making critical decisions in purchase, maintenance, quality, safety, research and development departments all over the world.

Product design & development

  • Material and life cycle test
  • Lubrication/friction effect
  • Design of wheel, rail, brake disk, boogie


  • Production quality control
  • Factory acceptance inspection before shipment
  • Verification of production equipment


  • On-site field/workshop incoming inspection
  • Lifetime/performance monitoring – forecast planning
  • Compare quality from different suppliers


  • On-site field/workshop conformity, limit inspection & documentation
  • Rail grinding, profile check before/after
  • Wheel re-profiling, profile check before/after milling


  • Life cycle wear monitoring
  • Trend forecast, planning of on-time maintenance intervals
  • Life expectancy / improvements / replacements

Quality control

  • Verify accuracy of on-site/build-in laser-based gauges
  • Verify accuracy of wheel lathes and rail grinding machines
  • Verify accuracy of handheld laser-based gauges

Safety regulation

  • Inspection check if assets are within regulation
  • Accident and derailment investigation
  • Analysis and documentation of work

Research & universities

  • WRI studies, verification of research and principles
  • Reduce noise and wear-rates to extend asset lifetime
  • Improve safety, speed, load and travel comfort
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