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COWI is a leading international consulting group and specialist in railway engineering, developing efficient and innovative multidisciplinary solutions. We are leading experts in the digital asset management revolution, working with clients in implementing solutions offering significant benefits. COWI are established experts working with major international infrastructure owners, maintainers, software suppliers and data providers, delivering consultancy services for condition-based and predictive maintenance solutions.


Academy partner services related to MiniProf data

  • Reducing maintenance and risks
  • Maximising availability
  • Providing higher quality, reliable data
  • Extending the service life of assets
  • Higher levels of safety and better staff utilisation
  • Longer operational hours
  • Significant capacity improvements

Contact details

Parallelvej 2
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Contact person:
Carsten Jørn Rasmussen
Phone: +45 26 12 33 15

There are no financial ties between Greenwood Engineering and the Academy partner, except for specific agreed projects. Any sales or services agreed between the MiniProf user and the MiniProf Academy partner are settled directly between the two parties.

How can we assist you?

The MiniProf team is here for you! If you have any questions about our MiniProf products, Envision software, Criterion for Android, local agent details, re-calibration or any of our other services, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be pleased to assist.

General information

Product & software support

Please make sure that your MiniProf instrument and laptop/tablet are fully charged.

Service & re-calibration