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歡迎來到MiniProf軟體下載頁面。在這裏,您可以選擇需要的版本和語言,下載MiniProf Envision軟體和MiniProf Ctiterion APP。如果您需要任何協助或軟體的進一步資訊,請不要猶豫直接聯繫我們。

MiniProf Envision

版本 3.1.67

大小: 188.4 mb

發行日期: August 29th, 2023

MD5: ec0fd60f b0444cdd f6f7b4a1 a3b9e948

Languages: American, English, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese

支持:32位和64位版本的Windows 7,Windows 8/8.1和Windows 10系統 (RT版本不支持)

包括:MiniProf Envision手持版 版本 3.1.4


MiniProf Criterion

版本 3.0.19

大小: 5.8 mb

發行日期: April 13th, 2021




我們一直在不斷完善我們的軟體。MiniProf Envision和MiniProf Criterion是我們的最新應用軟體。

MiniProf for Windows和MiniProf for Pocket PC軟體包已停止維護,只能在Win7/Win8.1系統使用(自2020/2023年起Microsoft公司也不再支持)。如果您仍然在使用舊版軟體,我們推薦您升級到新款升級的MiniProf Envision軟體和Criterion軟體。


請求一個MiniProf Criterion軟體下載鏈接

Please enter your email address below and click “Request download link". We will then send you a download link for MiniProf Criterion as soon as possible.

If you plan to visit Rail Live!, we welcome you to visit MiniProf agent ACYGS at stand number A028 (Hall 4) for a presentation of the MiniProf systems and the powerful Envision software.

The ACYGS MiniProf team will be there to assist you together with Ms. Dorte Overmark Rasmussen, Area Sales Manager at Greenwood Engineering. In order to schedule a meeting in advance, do not hesitate to contact us.

The TRB Annual meeting in Washington D.C. is coming up soon and Greenwood Engineering will be there presenting our full contact MiniProf profile measuring systems. We welcome you to stop by our booth 521 for a chat and a demonstration and look forward to showing how safe, accurate, consistent and reliable profile data can easily be obtained by using the small, handheld MiniProf systems.

In order to schedule a meeting in advance with our Director of Railway Division, Mr. Benny Andersen, do not hesitate to contact us.

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