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Your option for direct interaction and professional discussions with carefully selected and specialized MiniProf Academy partners!

The MiniProf Academy portal offers all our MiniProf customers direct access to a premium network of MiniProf Academy partners with MiniProf knowledge and specialized and extended know how on how to integrate the use of measurement data in smart railway management. All our Academy partners have railway knowledge within different areas of use and the capacity to help taking your MiniProf railway profile data to the next level!

The benefits of using the full contact measuring MiniProf systems and Envision software are numerous! Combined with direct access to specialized railway knowledge within particular MiniProf related fields, you now have the option to create a strong and powerful alliance for optimizing the use of your measurements and for driving even further value to your operation and bottom line.

There are no financial ties between Greenwood Engineering and the Academy partner, except for specific agreed projects. Any sales or services agreed between the MiniProf user and the MiniProf Academy partner are settled directly between the two parties.

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