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Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Greenwood Engineering A/S is composed, implemented and maintained by the company management.

Greenwood Engineering shall deliver products measuring up to the standards of ISO 14001. The main focus is to prolong the lifetime of railway wheels, brakes and tracks etc. Secondary, the aim is to ensure that all products have the least possible environmental impact.

Product quality
Greenwood Engineering shall develop high-tech, user friendly and reliable measuring equipment and analysis systems of the highest possible quality. The products must have a long service life, be reliable and must demonstrate a low environmental impact during the entire product life cycle. At the end of the product service life, the option for correct reuse or proper product disposal must be ensured.

Greenwood Engineering shall make use of the best possible combination of acknowledged technologies to implement highly specialized solutions which lives up to the requirements of the customer. Based on the latest technological developments Greenwood Engineering shall create frontier technology products and solutions to secure a leading position on the market with the least possible environmental impact.

Greenwood Engineering shall maintain a broad network and a close co-operation with end-users, research institutes and authorities within the relevant fields in order to continuous maintaining the green profile.

Employee policy
Greenwood Engineering shall ensure that its employees are aware of the company environmental policy and all relevant environmental goals set out for the individual person. Additionally, Greenwood Engineering shall ensure that the staff contributes to lifting and improving the environmental impact continuously by reducing environmental waste in their daily work.

Greenwood Engineering shall implement a global and proactive sales promotion which is optimized continuously by reusing existing marketing materials whenever possible and by focusing on continuous digitalization and on reducing the extent of new marketing materials.

The world is highly affected by climate changes and Greenwood Engineering therefore commits to update and refine its environmental work procedures, viewpoints and qualifications on an ongoing basis in order to reduce the environmental CO2 impact as much as possible.

Greenwood Engineering shall set up specific goals showing to which extend the company is living up to its environmental policy and goals. In addition, Greenwood Engineering commits to measuring up to all binding promises and relevant laws and official regulatory requirements. The continued suitability of the environmental policy is being assessed on an ongoing basis by the company management during evaluation of the management system.

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