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Mecno Service

With over 25 years of expertise in the field of rail maintenance and a team of highly specialized professionals, Mecno Service offers a wide range of services from the sale of grinding machines to inspections, measurements, consulting and the actual grinding services on rails and turnouts.
In each area, the solutions are efficient and effective as they are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Customers worldwide are typically municipalities, cities and public transport companies, which are based on long relationships. The company is located in Venice, Italy, and is since 2008 also present in the monorail market, as well as designing and manufacturing turnouts and crossings.

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Academy partner services related to MiniProf data

  • Rail quality control measures before/after grinding services provided by our company to ensure high quality standards.
  • Railway measurement services and MiniProf data analysis to evaluate and plan any ordinary and extraordinary rail maintenance.
  • Advanced data analysis and evaluation of rail profile and metal removal accurately to monitor and increase performance of machines for rail maintenance.

Contact details

Via Del Lavoro 15-17,
30030 Robegano di Salzano

Contact person:
Filippo Favaron
Phone: +39 3381564319
E mail:

There are no financial ties between Greenwood Engineering and the Academy partner, except for specific agreed projects. Any sales or services agreed between the MiniProf user and the MiniProf Academy partner are settled directly between the two parties.

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