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AB Consulting

AB Consulting company was founded in 2002 by A. Bracciali, a Professor at the University of Florence, Italy, with over 30 years of experience in railways. Customers range from public to private enterprises, from multinational companies to local customers.
One of our fields of expertise is running dynamics and track-vehicle interaction. Wheel and rail cross-section profile measurement, processing and coupling has always been of the greatest interest. We used MiniProf products in many cases, always with great satisfaction, developing custom routines to automatically treat large amount of data.
As experts in running dynamics, we can perform multibody simulations and equivalent conicity calculations to ensure the best compromise between guidance and stability.

AB Consulting

Academy partner services related to MiniProf data

  • Profile measurement: we have large skills to collect data from the field with any MiniProf equipment
  • Profile coupling: mating the profiles to estimate running characteristics of the vehicle is our daily job
  • Running dynamics simulation and testing: with two of the most reputated MBS available, we can offer a full consultancy on your vehicle design
  • Structural analysis simulation and testing: with a large experience in welded structures subjected to fatigue, we can assist in any development related to wheel-rail forces
  • Rail grinding strategy planning: asymmetric profile, magic wear rate, preventative grinding are base on reliable profile data, that we manage regularly
  • Wheel reprofiling strategy planning: the reprofiling policy strongly affects wheel life. We can provide useful tricks to prolongue the life of rapidly wearing wheels

Contact details

AB Consulting s.a.s. di Andrea Bracciali & C.
Piazza Primo Maggio 14
50145 Firenze

Contact person:
Prof. Andrea Bracciali
Phone: +39 347 2429240

There are no financial ties between Greenwood Engineering and the Academy partner, except for specific agreed projects. Any sales or services agreed between the MiniProf user and the MiniProf Academy partner are settled directly between the two parties.

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