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MxV Rail

MxV Rail is a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads established to provide vital support to the nation’s rail industry as its most trusted research and engineering partner. MxV Rail is the world’s premier rail advisory because we have the expertise to keep our industry moving forward. Toward safer equipment and people. More transformative technology. Toward more efficient operations and fewer emissions. Formerly TTCI, our new name represents the formula for momentum, because that’s what we’ve always delivered. For decades, the world’s railways have counted on our team of experts to advance our industry, our clients, and the best ideas. We help set the standards. We solve immediate and long-standing challenges. We put breakthrough technologies to the test, and train first responders how to do things right when things go wrong. In partnership, we safely experiment, learn, adapt, and advance, so our clients can thrive.

MxV Rail

Academy partner services related to MiniProf data

  • From immediate to long-standing challenges, we bring decades of technical rail expertise to every problem we solve.
  • Positioned as the industry’s research partner and independent advisory, our value is in our ability to meet evolving railroad challenges with proven problem solving, shaping a better future for all.
  • MxV Rail field and laboratory services add value to any research or test plan.
  • Clients working with our team of railroad specialists have a unique opportunity to perform pointed and specific testing for railroad components, before or after that technology meets real-world application on the track.
  • Our new labs and test track(s) leverage all the latest technologies and methodologies to solve our clients’ most challenging questions.
  • Partnered with data collection and decades of expertise, both our field & lab services provide groundbreaking independent research in a confidential test environment.

Contact details

MxV Rail
350 Keeler Parkway
Pueblo, CO 81001

Contact person:
Richard Chaparro
Phone: +1 719-251-6519
E mail:

There are no financial ties between Greenwood Engineering and the Academy partner, except for specific agreed projects. Any sales or services agreed between the MiniProf user and the MiniProf Academy partner are settled directly between the two parties.

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