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Quality policy

The quality policy of Greenwood Engineering A/S is composed, implemented and maintained by the company management.

Greenwood Engineering shall deliver products which measure up to the expectations of the customers and constitute a rentable economical business for the customer as well as for Greenwood Engineering. Greenwood Engineering shall continue to offer a good and fast service and competent counseling to all customers from first contact to the end of the product service life.

Product quality
Greenwood Engineering shall develop high-tech measuring equipment and analysis systems for road and railroad. Measuring equipment produced by Greenwood Engineering must be user friendly and reliable quality products with a long service life and a high operational reliability and shall be characterized by high accuracy measurements.

Greenwood Engineering shall make use of the best possible combination of acknowledged technologies to implement highly specialized solutions which live up to the requirements of the customers. Based on the latest technological developments, Greenwood Engineering shall create frontier technology products and solutions to secure a leading position on the market.

Greenwood Engineering shall maintain a broad network and a close co-operation with the end-users, research institutes and authorities within the relevant fields.

Employee policy
Based on current and future plans, Greenwood Engineering shall continue to hire skilled and committed specialists and ensure to expand the competencies of the employees to always stay in front of the technological development.

Through a global and proactive sales promotion, Greenwood Engineering wants to position themselves as a market leading manufacturer of measuring equipment.

Business development
Greenwood Engineering shall evaluate the long-term company strategy on an ongoing basis for the purpose of always being technological market leader.

In a competitive market demands and expectations of the customers are in constant change. Therefore, Greenwood Engineering commits to update and further develop working procedures, views and competences on an ongoing basis. Greenwood Engineering shall set up specific goals showing to which extend the company is living up to its quality policy and goals. Greenwood Engineering shall obey all relevant laws and official regulatory requirements. The continued suitability of the quality policy is being assessed on an ongoing basis by the company management during evaluation of the management system.

If you plan to visit Rail Live!, we welcome you to visit MiniProf agent ACYGS at stand number A028 (Hall 4) for a presentation of the MiniProf systems and the powerful Envision software.

The ACYGS MiniProf team will be there to assist you together with Ms. Dorte Overmark Rasmussen, Area Sales Manager at Greenwood Engineering. In order to schedule a meeting in advance, do not hesitate to contact us.

The TRB Annual meeting in Washington D.C. is coming up soon and Greenwood Engineering will be there presenting our full contact MiniProf profile measuring systems. We welcome you to stop by our booth 521 for a chat and a demonstration and look forward to showing how safe, accurate, consistent and reliable profile data can easily be obtained by using the small, handheld MiniProf systems.

In order to schedule a meeting in advance with our Director of Railway Division, Mr. Benny Andersen, do not hesitate to contact us.

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