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Effective calculation of strains and e-moduli from TSD measurements

Greenwood Engineering has developed ViscBackCalc, the world’s first online service capable of running visco-elastic back calculation on TSD measurements for precise prediction of pavement distress at network level. It´s a very fast and easy way to calculate the structural properties of the road network. ViscBackCalc allows users to upload TSD-measurements

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Exclusive MiniProf workshop in Derby, UK

Don’t miss the exclusive MiniProf workshop in Derby on Wednesday 22nd November presented by MiniProf agent CoMech Metrology Ltd and Greenwood Engineering. Whether you are an existing MiniProf user or looking to purchase MiniProf software and hardware you’ll be sure to gain lots of insight and information from this day. Meet the MiniProf experts and

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Road Marking Vehicles takes precision to the next level

Greenwood Engineering’s Road Marking Vehicle (RMV) is an advanced integrated vehicle for measurements of road lane marking parameters. Our high-tech sensors and cameras precisely measure and evaluate road lane markings, to ensure that our roads remain safe and well-maintained. The Road Marking Vehicle integrates Delta’s LTL-M sensor for mobile retro-reflection

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New MiniProf service and calibration centre in India

We are proud to announce the opening of a local MiniProf service and calibration centre in India! The new exclusive MiniProf calibration facility is located in Mumbai at the head office of MiniProf agent Renmakch Pvt. Ltd. and will provide outstanding local service and support to the growing MiniProf market in India.

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Manage traffic sign inventory the easiest way

Greenwood Engineering´s AI – Inventory Detection system detects traffic signs, reflective poles, traffic lights and crash barriers via front facing cameras and gives each asset a GPS coordinate. This automatically generates a map of the location of each asset as well an image. The software, which is developed by Greenwood

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