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MiniProf Switch & Crossing is a high precision and portable tool for fast, reliable and extremely accurate cross-sectional profile measurements of switches and crossings for monitoring and analyzing the wear of the rails. It is equipped with Bluetooth, has an option for cable connection and is available for most types of switches and crossings.

The instrument extends to the opposite rail through a fixed rod, offering stability, gauge and track relative measurements. It can easily be adjusted to match various measuring scenarios and each measurement is performed conveniently in one single measurement in less than 5 seconds per profile.

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Depths, widths, angles and precise information on the physical placement of the switch is provided instantly in real time view and is stored by the accompanying Envision software for onsite and post measurement analysis. This allows for evaluation of not only the profile of the individual rails, but also the geometry data of the entire cross-section.

Switch analysis & calculations

MiniProf Envision软件能够查看并自动计算剩余量和剩余面积。



MiniProf Envision软件能记录每次测量时的GPS位置信息,并可将现场照片附加到特定测量文件。这个功能十分有益,可定位和标记轨道线路上的具体测量点。




剖面精度优于:± 11 µm
重复性:± 2.5 µm
Gauge: ≤ 200 μm
测量速度Less than 5 seconds per profile
Horizontal movement range:295 mm (155 mm towards gauge side, 140 mm towards field side)
Displacement: ≤ 100 μm
MiniProf Envision软件
- Measurement
- Analysis
MiniProf Criterion软件
- Measurement
- Analysis
Not available
Not available
Weight & dimensionsS&C unit: 6,5 kg (1769 x 184 x 171 mm)
Transport case: 10,0 kg (740 x 300 x 270 mm)
电池寿命~ 900 measurements
or 9 hours of work


A MiniProf Rail system is delivered with the full Envision software package, Bluetooth and cable connection, video tutorial guides, software support and a customized and lightweight, rugged transport case with room for the measuring system and accessories for safe storage and transportation.

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MiniProf Academy

If you plan to visit Rolling Stock Networking in Derby, UK, we welcome you to visit MiniProf agent CoMech Metrology at stand B2 for a presentation of the MiniProf systems and the powerful Envision software.

Learn all about the advantages of the secure and reliable full-contact MiniProf profile measurements and how to benefit from the powerful Envision software in your daily work.

To schedule a meeting in advance, do not hesitate to contact the CoMech MiniProf team.

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