The Greenwood Profiler is a professional road survey system used by road authorities and national road research institutes world-wide for cost-effective maintenance of the road surface and the surroundings.

Pavement profile characteristics and status of surrounding road equipment are essential to optimize road maintenance, reduce risk of accidents and increase mobility and driver comfort.

48 lasers capture the full 3D profile

The transversal and longitudinal profiles are combined in one 3D profile and high precision sensors combined with digital data acquisition are processing highest possible result quality.

Each laser mounted provides a longitudinal profile and contributes with one point to the transverse profile. From each texture laser mounted there is a double output, from which both the roughness profile (IRI) and the texture profile (MPD) are obtained.


  • Meets requirements of an ASTM E950 Class 1 profiling device
  • The equipment is able to measure pavement profiles at all traffic speeds
  • Under normal configurations maximum speeds can exceed 150 Km/h
  • Utilizes new digital Greenwood Engineering data collection system
  • Automatic stop & go filter
  • Customizable configurations for best solution for each customer
  • GPS and texture sensors for collection of more information of the road
  • The system can operate on any dry pavement surface


Among data included in an output report are:

  • Longitudinal and Transverse Profiles
  • Rut depth, Cross-Fall and Gradients
  • Radius of curvatures (vertical and horizontal)
  • IRI, APL, Straight Edge, Profilograph
  • GPS

The data acquisition and post mission software handle DGPS information and report information connecting results, time and position. (The GPS NMEA format is standard). Any relevant algorithm for pavement characteristics can be added. Custom designed filters to obtain national characteristics or indices can easily be built into the modular post mission software.

Synchronized data

The modular systems are ethernet based allowing for data synchronization, data QC, data processing etc.

The Profiler data acquisition software consists of real-time recording and calculation module capable to capture and handle output from all sensors and instruments.

It is delivered with a high-performance computer with Ethernet network and modular subsystems, which can be plugged-in and data synchronized.

The Profiler alone can be operated from a laptop and a multifunctional solution can be operated from a keyboard connected to a rack mounted PC, which controls the data acquisition and subsystems.

Customized to your needs

The configuration of a Profiler vehicle is always customized to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Modular sub-systems, such as Surface Imaging System (SIS), Right-of-Way Imaging (ROW) and GPS can be plugged-in, and data synchronized.

Another available subsystem is the HRM-system for geometrical longitudinal profiles (no accelerometer). External subsystems like Trimble GPS can be connected to the data acquisition.

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