The LaserProf is a portable system designed for continuous road profiling measurements with no need for permanent installations.

The system can be mounted on the standard trailer hook on an ordinary car and is a flexible, fast and reliable precision tool for measuring IRI and texture in one or two wheel tracks on any surface.

Fast mounting on a standard trailer hook

The LaserProf system is delivered in a standard suitcase for portability and easy storage and can be mounted in a few minutes with only ordinary hand tools on the standard trailer hook on the car or with vacuum cups on any glass or painted surface of the vehicle. An odometer is then magnetically mounted on the wheel.

The LaserProf control box combines and collects all sensor information from odometer, lasers and accelerometer and sends the data to a laptop where it can be viewed and stored.

Measuring at up to 150 km/h with no traffic disruptions

The high maximum speed capacity of up to 150 km/h allows you to perform measurements while the road is open to the public and with the pace of undisturbed traffic. Post-processing stop and go filter is standard allowing for measuring in busy urban areas.

A second sensor box can be connected to measure two tracks at once. 


  • Meets requirements of an ASTM E950 Class 1 profiling device.
  • Automatic stop and go filter.
  • A second sensor box can be connected to measure two tracks at once.
  • Equidistant sampling between 1 mm and 6.5 m.
  • Capable of scanning a road network and point out sections, which needs to be considered more carefully.
  • Flexible platform; can be customized to accept other types of sensors.
  • Built in backup battery allows uninterrupted measuring at power drop-out.
  • Utilizing new Greenwood Engineering data collection system.


The software supporting LaserProf consists of a real-time recording and calculation module, as well as a module for detailed data selection, calculation and report generation. Among data included in the reports are:

  • Raw Longitudinal Profile
  • IRI or Inch per Mile
  • Simulated California Type and McCracken Profilograph responses
  • Proscan output without the need to printout and scan the Profilograms
  • Custom designed filters can easily be built into the software

Reports can utilize the built-in graph generating tools for both 2D and 3D graphs of any of the results mentioned above.

Combine it with subsystems

The LaserProf can be configured with subsystems like GPS, Right-of-way Imaging, texture sensors and other measuring equipment to collect additional data in one drive.

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