About Greenwood Engineering

Greenwood Engineering, Denmark, is a global recognized engineering company specializing in development and manufacturing of professional measuring equipment for outstanding condition surveys in the global road and railway industry. With more than 30 years of experience, expertise and continuous focus on new development and customer requirements, we present a strong, innovative and unmatched product line ranging from the small handheld MiniProf profile measuring system to the truck-size Traffic Speed Deflectometer for network level and project level bearing capacity measurements.

Our history

Greenwood Engineering was founded in Denmark in 1992 by CEO Leif Grønskov. The first project was a road profiler with 17 laser and inertial system, developed by Leif Grønskov in corporation with his late father Niels Grønskov.

Soon after, the first MiniProf system was introduced and during the years, the products have been enhanced and numerous new products have been added, including the LaserProf, the Profiler and the Traffic Speed Deflectometer.

More than 30 years on the market, still going strong and the rest is history!

Greenwood today

Today, Greenwood has approximately 40 employees, thousands of users, a strong global agent network and local offices in Copenhagen, New York and Beijing.

We are characterized by a dedicated and innovative company spirit, a close collaboration with our customers and a very high level of technical in-house knowledge and talent. The majority of the Greenwood employees are highly skilled engineers and technicians. Some key employees have seniority up to +30 years, some have joined us along the way and some are fresh out of university or Ph.D.

Combined, with a strong and experienced sales department and back office, Greenwood is built on solid ground and continues to offer outstanding products and new developments. We welcome you to join the ride!

ISO 9001:2015

Greenwood Engineering has held the ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2018. Our quality mission is to always have the best product quality in order to continuously being able to offer our customers outstanding products and services.

The ISO certification confirms the effectiveness of our quality management system and helps us to obtain an overview of our business processes and to document and correct any deviations so we are able to always obtain our stated objectives.

The certification covers development, manufacturing and sale of high-technology equipment for the global railway sector.

Welcome to the world of Greenwood

Greenwood Engineering is a Danish company with a huge international profile. With products distributed and used successfully all over the world by thousands of users, a vast agent network and local offices in Copenhagen, New York and Beijing, we are proud to be a strong and contributing factor to the global optimization of road and railway conditions.

Your way to outstanding condition surveys in the global road and railway industry!