Discover underlying weaknesses and make reliable life-time analyses with SCITSD

Large amounts of collected deflection data and parameters as E-moduli and strains are easily analyzed with the visco-elastic back calculation TSD-software. When the full picture is known for every part of the road network, it is possible to plan pavement maintenance without any unknowns and to use maintenance funds in a truly smart way.

SCITSD is the NEW structural curvature index for strain analysis of large road networks and airfields developed by Greenwood Engineering. It is well suited for rolling wheel deflection (RWD) experiments as performed by the Traffic Speed Deflectometer.

SCITSD vs. tensile strain at the bottom of the top layer. SCITSD is proportional to the strain, since they are both derived from the curvature of the deflection bowl, this means that the tensile strain can be calculated directly from SCITSD shown as the green curve.

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Effective calculation of strains and e-moduli from TSD measurements

Greenwood Engineering has developed ViscBackCalc, the world’s first online service capable of running visco-elastic back calculation on TSD measurements for precise prediction of pavement distress at network level. It´s a very fast and easy way to calculate the structural properties of the road network. ViscBackCalc allows users to upload TSD-measurements

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