End-of-life announcement for old MiniProf Classic aluminium instruments produced from approx. 1992 to 2004

Greenwood hereby announces the end-of-life for all old MiniProf Classic systems made of aluminium. The last day to order service of the affected products is 31 December 2024. After this date, Greenwood Engineering will no longer offer service, repair, re-calibration, support, or test of the mentioned products. The products will become obsolete.

This announcement refers to the Classic MiniProf systems made of aluminium with the below ID type numbers. The MiniProf systems were produced from 1992 to approximately 2004:

MP Classic Wheel aluminium ID types:
ID 100 – 121 ID 123 – 130 ID 150 – 150

MP Classic Rail aluminium ID types:
ID 200 – 210 ID 250 – 250

MP Classic Brake aluminium ID types:
ID 300 – 300 ID 311 – 312

20% trade-in discount

The end-of-life announced MiniProf systems are 20-30 years old, but some of the units are still being used actively. We take great pride in this very long, active lifespan which is caused by a combination of high-quality original components, excellent workmanship, and proper maintenance. However, eventually, products reach their natural end of life due to technological advancements, customer demand and lack of component availability etc. For the first MiniProf generation, the time has come, but the next generation is ready to take over!

Built on the same solid foundation and secure measuring principle, but even further enhanced in terms of design, materials, technology, software and functionality, we welcome you to explore the latest generation of MiniProf BT systems!

We offer a 20% trade-in discount when trading in your old MiniProf system for a brand new MiniProf BT, including access to the Envision software and the Criterion app for Android.

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