Road Marking Vehicles takes precision to the next level

Greenwood Engineering’s Road Marking Vehicle (RMV) is an advanced integrated vehicle for measurements of road lane marking parameters. Our high-tech sensors and cameras precisely measure and evaluate road lane markings, to ensure that our roads remain safe and well-maintained.

The Road Marking Vehicle integrates Delta’s LTL-M sensor for mobile retro-reflection measurements with Greenwood’s own developed systems for laser surface measurements, high quality Surface Imaging System (SIS), front looking Right of Way imaging, all started from one single software application. Accompanying the RMV is a software stack of post processing applications which use intelligent Computer Vision algorithms to automatically extract coverage, length, width and more, from the SIS images. Further, linear regression models can be included in data exports to, e.g. deliver, wet retro-reflection, friction, daylight brightness (Qd) and more.

• High geometrical accuracy and precision, <2.5mm for width and typical 5mm/5m for length (~0.1%)
• Intelligent Computer Vision Software for completely automatic marking geometry analysis
• Low Noise laser sensor (max 0.05 mm RMS at 32kHz)
• Control Software to start and stop every sensor from one application with customizable layout.
• Synchronized data streams from all sensors.
• Export to excel for analysis or custom reporting integration
• Several image formats (bmp/jpg/png)
• High quality encoder based Distance Measurement Instrument with 200 000 Pulses/revolution.

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