The seventh TSD was shipped to USA

Federal Highway Administration, FHWA, in the US contracted the consulting engineering company Amec, to conduct a project: "Pavement Structural Evaluation at the Network Level" DTFH61-12-00040. Amec subcontracted Greenwood Engineering to do "Traffic Speed Continuous Deflection Data Collection, Minnesota".

In September 2013 three devices met at the MnRoad test facility in Minnesota, USA, where Amec and UTEP (Unoversity Texas, El Paso) had built a number of geophones and accelerometers into a number of test sections on the loop "Low Volume Road" and on the "Main Line". The three devices are the Curviameter from Euroconsult, The RWD (Rolling Wheel Deflectometer) from ARA, and Greenwood TSD. Read more in the US Project Flyer

During one week a large number of runs were made to establish data sets for investigation of repeatability and accuracy of the 3 different devices. Preliminary results comparing built-in sensor-output to TSD data are very promising and TSD repeatability is very high. UTEP will use 3D-Move software from University of Reno, Nevada, to model the tests. A report is scheduled by the end of 2014.

In addition the MnRoad testing, FHWA established a pooled fund project, TPF 5(282) "Demonstration of Network Level Pavement Structural Evaluation with Traffic Speed Deflectometer" demonstrating TSD to a number of state DOTs. FHWA contracted with ESCINC and VTTI to conduct the project. The first demo measurements were made late 2013 after the MnRoad tests. In Spring 2014 the state DOTs were visited. At each DOT a meeting was held with presentations from FHWA, VTTI and Greenwood. Pavement sections of interest were selected by the DOT, and after route planning measured by the TSD. One and a half day of data collection was made for each DOT in the pooled fund project.

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The Traffic Speed Deflectometer is patented under the following patent numbers: 819196 in Europe, 694347 in Australia, 6119353 in USA and 3850875/3851342 in Japan.