Contract signed for an even more advanced TSD

Greenwood Engineering is constructing the third Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) on behalf of the Italian company (ANAS) S.p.A - Centro Sperimentale Stradale. The new TSD will be with more lasers than the existing two devices, owned by the Danish Road Institute (DRI) and Highways Agency (HA) in the UK. The increased number of lasers offers the possibility to make a more advanced description of the bearing capacity of the road. For example it will be able to distinguish between the different pavement layers.

The new TSD is not just a TSD, but a Greenwood multifunction vehicle including (LaserProf) and (Right-of-Way) imaging. The device will therefore take advantage of all the features in the Greenwood multifunction hardware and software package, where it is possible to measure and see all subsystems in a synchronized way. The new device includes a number of improvements based on experiences obtained with the two existing TSD's.

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The Traffic Speed Deflectometer is patented under the following patent numbers: 819196 in Europe, 694347 in Australia, 6119353 in USA and 3850875/3851342 in Japan.