Right-of-Way Imaging

Images of the road and the road-side inventory can be recorded at fixed distance intervals and exported to a database for the road authority to use in pavement maintenance planning.

Images and GPS coordinates (or other position information) are delivered in requested formats. Typically one image is recorded and stored for each 10 meter traveled at variable traffic speed. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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The Right-of-Way Imaging (ROW) system records and stores images of the surrounding while driving at traffic speeds. The system can operate as a separate system or be a subsystem to a Greenwood Profiler, where it can be synchronized with the profile and with GPS data.

The ROW system can function with one or multiple cameras. There is a wide range of digital cameras for optimum image quality and large flexibility and for the user there is selectable storage format for maximum flexibility.

The system is based on mounting on roof or inside cabin of the vehicle. It can stand alone or be a part of a larger multifunction measurement vehicle. The standard configuration can provide still images per 5 meter up to speeds of 135 km/hour.

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Right-of-Way Imaging
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