Greenwood - profiling roads

Greenwood Engineering is developing and manufacturing high technology equipment for pavement condition measurements to the road sector. All systems are designed to be suitable for both research level and routine survey operation. All system design and software are made in-house allowing customized modules to be created to assure data continuity for the road administrations.

Greenwood profilers are advanced and accurate equipments for pavement profile measurements. Subsystems, such as Right-of-way Imaging (ROW) and Surface Imaging System (SIS), can be added and synchronized with the profile data.

LaserProf is a compact and portable profiler that can have one or two laser sensors. LaserProf is designed to be a tool for the pavement supervision engineer making quality control before and after paving. Lately the LaserProf has been implemented in the LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer for measuring bike lanes. GPS and Right-of-Way (ROW) can be added to the LaserProf.

During recent years Greenwood Engineering has developed the Traffic Speed Deflectometer, TSD. TSD uses patented Doppler technology and performs continuous bearing capacity measurements at traffic speeds up till 80 km/h (50 mph). At traffic speeds no additional traffic management is needed TSD is a very safe device. TSD makes it possible to record bearing capacity, estimate residual lifetime for your road network. By this information you can plan exactly from where to where to repair.

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Right-of-Way Imaging
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Surface Imaging System
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