MiniProf Envision - Rail profile analyses and technical details

25 May 2022 at 9:30 or 14:45 (CET)  |  Duration: 30 mins

The Envision software offers a world of opportunities for processing your MiniProf rail data. From simple studies to complex profile analyses – Envision got it all! But how do you really get the most out of your rail profile measurements? What are the tips and tricks? How do you optimize the output and set up profiles for various wear calculations such as rail wear, rail gauge angles and wear residuals?

If you want to learn how to handle your MiniProf rail data to obtain the best possible foundation for your maintenance strategies, research and quality control etc. then this is the right course for you!

Join us and let Envision show you how to explore and understand your rail measurements and take well informed decisions based on the most accurate and reliable profile data in the world.

What’s covered:

  • General profile analyses
  • In-depth explanation about the technical profile content
  • Using alignments
  • Using calculations
  • Profile editing and working with the analysis module
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Maximize the output of your MiniProf measurements and Envision analysis

The MiniProf webinars

The MiniProf webinar sessions are free of charge and designed to provide current and new MiniProf users with effective tips and tricks on how to benefit from the many opportunities in the MiniProf Envision software. It is a great and easy way to gain more knowledge about the various functionalities, including how to maximize the output of your MiniProf measurements and Envision analysis while optimizing your time and efficiency.

Each webinar will be conducted in English and will last approximately 30 minutes. At the end of each session, there will be time for follow-up questions.

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