MiniProf Wheel

The MiniProf Wheel system is magnetically attached to the wheel enabling you to measure a complete rail car in less than five minutes. It provides instant calculation of wear parameters, such as Sd, Sh and qR. The MiniProf Wheel is also capable of measuring the flange and taperline diameter on wheels.

The MiniProf Wheel comes in a few variations, aimed at different types of wheels. In addition to the standard instruments, there are specials for larger locomotive wheels, small instruments for tram wheels and instruments doing very accurate tram wheel diameter based on the inner diameter.

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Standard Wheel

The MiniProf Wheel instrument is an easy to use, lightweight and handheld tool for monitoring cross sectional profiles of the wheel. It is attached magnetically to the backside of the flange.

The instrument can be used on many different wheel types ranging from trams to locomotives. Adaptations can be made when no fitting design is available.

The instruments are normally used with a laptop for storing measurements. USB type instruments can also be used with a PDA making the use of MiniProf even more easy.

Lightrail Wheel

The MiniProf Lightrail series are compact Wheel instruments designed for use on tramway vehicles. The smaller back plate allows the instrument to be mounted even if the available space is near to non-existent.

The Lightrail intruments can also be made to take reference on the inner diameter of the wheel resulting in higher precision on the diameter.

The instruments can also be placed on the outside of the wheel giving a much more flexible instrument to use in the field.

 · Magnetic attachment of instrument
 · High precision titanium design
 · USB connection to instrument
 · Embedded battery for PDA and extended use
 · Shock and water resistant transport case
 · Unit: 0.9 kg
 · Better than: ±9 µm
 · Repeatability: ±2.5 µm
 · Diameter: ±0.09 mm
 · Datarate: 10000 pt/s
 · Scanning: 3 s
 · Processing: <1 s
Power consumption
 · In use / standby: 110 mA / 0.5 mA
Profile size
 · ASCII format: 20-25 kb/profile
 · Compressed: 10-15 kb/profile
MiniProf Wheel
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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.