MiniProf Rail

The MiniProf Rail system provides you with an easy, portable tool to monitor your rail profiles. The fast operation of MiniProf reduces your exposure on the track.

The MiniProf Rail system is a unique aid for rail grinding operations providing instant information on profile and metal removal. MiniProf is just as useful in the quality control of new rails.

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The MiniProf Rail instrument is an easy-to-use, lightweight and handheld tool for monitoring cross sectional profiles of the rail. It is attached magnetically to the top of the railhead, using the opposite rail as reference through a telescopic rod.

The instrument can be used on many different types of tracks, including grooved rails, and measures gauge and cant.

A perpendicular device can be mounted on the telescopic rod to ensure a correct alignment with the rail resulting in a better profile and an even shorter exposure.

 · Magnetic attachment of instrument
 · High precision titanium design
 · USB connection to instrument
 · Embedded battery for PDA and extended use
 · Shock and water resistant transport case
 · Unit: 0.8 kg
 · Better than: ±11 µm
 · Repeatability: ±2.5 µm
 · Datarate: 10000 pt/s
 · Scanning: 5 s
 · Processing: <1 s
Power consumption
 · In use / standby: 110 mA / 0.5 mA
Profile size
 · ASCII format: 20-25 kb/profile
 · Compressed: 10-15 kb/profile
MiniProf Rail
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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.