MiniProf Brake

The MiniProf Brake provides you with an easy and portable tool to monitor your brake discs. Its magnetic attachment enables an easy and flexible mounting on both axle and wheel mounted discs.

The MiniProf Brake calculates the disc thickness and wear parameters instantly. The reliable information on brake wear enables you to optimise your maintenance and safety efforts.

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Axle mounted

The axel mounted MiniProf Brake instrument is mounted on the outer diameter of the brake disc and is attached using magnetic rollers. These also align with the small dent on the disc and act as reference points for the measurement.

Measurements of both inner and outer disc side can be combined through the use of measurement schemes enabling an absolute measurement of the disc.

It is posible to measure taper wear, asymmetrical wear and remaining thickness by using both the wheel and the axle mounted unit.

Wheel mounted

A wheel mounted MiniProf Brake instrument is attached to the vertical part of the wheel, either on the backside of the flange or on the outer side of the rim. This part of the wheel is used as a reference for the measurement.

An absolute profile of the disc surface can be found using measurement schemes given the relation between disc and wheel.

Both the axle and wheel mounted units are standard instruments designed for commonly used discs. Please contact Greenwood Engineering for the posibility of adaptation to other disc types.

 · Magnetic attachment of instrument
 · High precision titanium design
 · USB connection to instrument
 · Embedded battery for PDA and extended use
 · Shock and water resistant transport case
 · Unit: 0.8 kg
 · Better than: ±11 µm
 · Repeatability: ±2.5 µm
 · Datarate: 10000 pt/s
 · Scanning: 3-5 s
 · Processing: <1 s
Power consumption
 · In use / standby: 110 mA / 0.5 mA
Profile size
 · ASCII format: 20-25 kb/profile
 · Compressed: 10-15 kb/profile
MiniProf Brake
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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.