LaserProf is a portable system designed for road profiling measurements with no need for permanent installations. The system can be mounted on the trailer hook on a vehicle. The LaserProf is a flexible, fast, and reliable precision tool.

LaserProf is fitted in a standard suitcase, and it can be mounted in a few minutes on-site. The high maximum speed capacity allows you to perform measurements while the road is open to the public and with the pace of undisturbed traffic.

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LaserProf is an Inertial Profiler designed for quality control and supervision. The equipement enables you to measure longitudinal profiles of any pavement surface. Derived results from the profile, such as IRI and "inch/mile", can be calculated.

LaserProf is a fast tool when measuring, enables measurement at normal traffic speed, with a maximum exceeding 150 km/h. Post-processing stop and go filter is standard. A second sensor box can be connected to measure two tracks at once. LaserProf can be configured with texture sensors and GPS.

The equipment is portable and easily mounted on most vehicles

Some users mount LaserProf on micro cars allowing measurements on park paths. LaserProf has also been mounted on an electric car for a user who wanted to do the measurements without pollution from fossil fuel engines.

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